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General Practice

The Shive Law Firm Is a General Practice Firm

As a small-town law firm, the Shive Law Firm is a general practice firm. That means that in addition to the firm’s specialty areas, such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy and estate planning, Attorney Byron K. Shive is also experienced and adept at several different areas of law. There are a lot of legal issues that can arise on a day-to-day basis, and the Shive Law Firm is capable of handling the majority of these issues.

Do you need a deed drafted to convey land? Are you starting a new business and need a Limited Liability Company (LLC) set-up? Are you buying a new house and need a Real Estate Sales Contract reviewed or drafted?

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Regardless of your legal need, contact the Shive Law Firm today for compassionate, honest and reasonable legal service. The Shive Law Firm offers legal representation in many different areas of law. Here are a few of the areas of law in which Attorney Byron K. Shive practices:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy

  • Estate planning

  • Traffic law

  • Misdemeanor criminal offenses

  • Corporate law (such as setting up an LLC)

  • Real estate law (drafting of deeds, real estate sales contracts, etc.)

  • General legal practice

Contact attorney Byron K. Shive today at (417) 352-2521 to set-up your free initial consultation regarding your legal matter.